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1 - What is SMSQmulator?

SMSQmulator is an emulator of a machine that runs SMSQ/E. SMSQ/E is an operating system initially designed for machines compatible with the Sinclair QL, a home/business computer invented in the UK in the 1980s. It has a processor of the Motorola 68000 family.

SMSQmulator emulates such a processor and, whilst not emulating a Sinclair QL, it emulates an ideal machine inspired by it..

The traditional QL desktop:
Image of the traditional QL desktop

How SMSQmulator looks when it first boots up:

SMSQmulator first bootup

Something a bit more fancy....

Image of a much nicer and bigger desktop

SMSQmulator is written in Java, you thus must have a Java runtime environment. If you don't, you can get it here for free.

Here you can download everything related to version 2.33 of SMSQmulator.

2 - Everything you need to run SMSQmulator:

or Unsure which version is for you?
Then download and run the version for Java 11 first. If this doesn't run on your machine, download the version for java 8 and try that.

Mac users with newer versions of MacOS please note that you should use the version for Java 8 only with Java 8, and the version for java 11 with Java 11 or later

These files are zip fles and need to be unzipped once downloaded.

There is a readme file (as a PDF or ODT document) in the smsqmulator directory : please read this carefully!!!!

There is also a UserGuide pdf file in that same directory.

3 - The source code if you wish to see that:

Here are the SMSQmulator versions.

Have fun!

W. Lenerz

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