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1 - What is SMSQmulator?

SMSQmulator is an emulator of a machine that runs SMSQ/E. SMSQ/E is an operating system initially designed for machines compatible with the Sinclair QL, a home/business computer invented in the UK in the 1980s. It has a processor of the Motorola 68000 family.

SMSQmulator emulates such a processor and, whilst not emulating a Sinclair QL, it emulates an ideal machine inspired by it..

The traditional QL desktop:
Image of the traditional QL desktop

How SMSQmulator looks when it first boots up:

SMSQmulator first bootup

Something a bit more fancy....

Image of a much nicer and bigger desktop

SMSQmulator is written in Java, you thus must have a Java runtime environment. If you don't, you can get it here for free.

Here you can download everything related to version 3.01 of SMSQmulator.

2 - Everything you need to run SMSQmulator:

or or Unsure which version is for you?
Download and run the version for Java 21 first. If this doesn't run on your machine, download the version for java 17 and try that. If this also doesn't run on your machine, download the version for java 11 and try that.

These files are zip fles and need to be unzipped once downloaded.

There is a readme file (as a PDF or ODT document) in the smsqmulator directory : please read this carefully!!!!

There is also a UserGuide pdf file in that same directory.

3 - The source code if you wish to see that:

Here are the SMSQmulator versions.

Have fun!

W. Lenerz

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